Queen and Spadina
Toronto, Ontario

With autumn coming upon us quickly, you can bet that fur will be back in 'fashion'. This year seems to be bringing with it a particularly heavy fur revival on the fall runways and we all know that is not acceptable--and certainly not fashionable.

Join us for a protest in Toronto's Fur District. At Queen and Spadina, numerous furriers have their shops concentrated within just a few blocks. Let's let them know that the dead animals they sell are not wanted in our city!

What: Fur protest!
When: Saturday August 26, 2006
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Meet: 1:30 PM, in front of Alex Furs, located on the west side of Spadina, just north of Queen (a few doors down from the Blockbuster).

We are providing posters and leaflets but please feel free to bring your own. We'd love it if you brought your dogs as we will be drawing attention to the illegal Chinese cat and dog fur trade.

If you have any old fur items that you would like to donate to us for use in our demonstrations, please contact us. We would greatly appreciate it! Also, if you have a laptop and would be willing to show undercover fur farm footage during the demo, please let us know.

Thanks and see you there,
[email protected]
[email protected]


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