665 High St
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Wiki Wednesday is a meetup with a featured speaker or discussion topic, related to wikis. We get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals, and hang out. People who participated in the all-day Wikithon (a wiki hackathon) can show off their cool hacks. Anyone else is welcome to give a brief demo or lightning talk. We welcome wiki users, editors, contributors, admins, developers, and other wiki enthusiasts! Socialtext and co-hosts will provide the space and food -- usually pizza and beer.

Our featured speakers in November will be a development team from Socialtext. Ingy döt Net, Casey West, Melissa Ness, and Kevin Jones will talk about recent superintense work on Socialtext's code including some hacktastic forays into Javascript, rethinking wiki editing and UIs, and more. Another out of town community member, Ethan McCutchen, may come by and give us a sneak preview of a structured wiki-database app or application builder, http://wagn.org.

Stay tuned for more details in this announcement and on the Wiki Wednesday home page.

Official Website: http://socialtext.net/wikiwed

Added by Lizzard on October 29, 2007



Ethan and WAGN are awesome!