655 High Street
Palo, Alto, California

Wiki Wednesday is a party with a featured speaker or discussion topic, related to wikis. We get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals, and hang out. People who participated in the all-day Wikithon (a wiki hackathon) can show off their cool hacks. Socialtext and co-hosts will provide the space and food for the party.

This month we don't have a featured speaker, but will be talking about openness and collaboration among wiki developers. Our co-working space is under construction, so if you're interested in co-working in Palo Alto you'll get a sneak preview.

Official Website: http://www.socialtext.net/wikiwed/index.cgi?wiki_wednesdays

Added by Lizzard on March 22, 2007



We'll be there for the day wikithon, but have to head back to the city for meetings that night. :(