48233 Warm Spring Blvd
Fremont, California 94539

Date & Time: 9/26/07 Wed 6:30pm
Location: Hurricane Electric Building Two "The Matrix"
Address: 48233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont CA 94539
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Luke Wroblewski
Senior Principal of Product Ideation & Design at Yahoo! Inc. & Author of “Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability”

Kevin Flaherty
Co-founder and VP of Marketing at Wetpaint (Seattle)
Ryan Lukehart
Director of Sales and Marketing at BrainKeeper (Virginia)
Aaron Fulkerson
Co-founder and V.P. Product Management at Mindtouch (San Diego)
Raju Vegesna
Zoho Evangelist at Zoho
Joshua Wold
Global Pre-Sales Team Manager at Atlassian Software Systems

What it is about:
Can wikis put on a pretty face and perform like a beast as well? Our Expert Moderator will examine the Usability, Functionality, and overall Package Design on the best award-winning Wikis. From this educational discussion panel, we will learn the best practice and worse mistakes from these innovative Wikis in Web 2.0 space.

Who Should Attend?

Content Management System Admin & Users
Wiki Admin & Users
Wiki Developers
User Interface Designers & Interactive Engineers
Wiki Bloggers
Startup Founders

What You Will Learn?

User Experience
Product Design
User Interface
Work Flow
Task Analysis
Work Flow
Enterprise Application Design
WIki Customization & Features

Luke Wroblewski
Senior Principal of Product Ideation & Design at Yahoo! Inc. &
Author of “Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability”
Luke Wroblewski is a Web strategist, designer, and author. He is currently Senior Principal of Product Ideation & Design at Yahoo! Inc. and Principal of LukeW Interface Designs, a product strategy and design consultancy he founded in 1996. Luke works on new business ideation and conceptualization using design methodologies, skills, and principles to create and refine the strategy and design of new or existing products.

Luke has authored a book on Web interface design principles titled “Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability” and numerous articles on design methodologies, strategies and applications including those featured in his own online publication: “Functioning Form”. He is also frequent presenter on topics related to Web strategy and design and a former member of the board of directors of the Interaction Design Association.

Previously, Luke was the Lead User Interface Designer of eBay Inc.’s platform team. At eBay, he led the strategic design of new consumer products (including Kijiji and eBay Express) and internal tools and processes including design pattern and creative asset management systems. Luke also taught interface design courses in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois and worked as a Senior Interface Designer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), birthplace of the first popular graphical Web browser, NCSA Mosaic.

Kevin Flaherty
Co-founder and VP of Marketing at Wetpaint
Kevin Flaherty has a strong product marketing background, having worked as a brand manager at Colgate-Palmolive from 1997 to 2000. He was responsible for driving marketing programs and cross-functional teams for the company’s Palmolive Dish Liquids business. While there, Kevin oversaw all aspects of the product and promotional mix for a flagship brand. Kevin then worked for Amazon.com, where he was responsible for managing the Amazon.com homepage as well as all partner landing pages. From 2000 to 2001, he was responsible for
optimizing the customer experience and revenue metrics for one of the world’s most heavily trafficked e-commerce sites. Most recently, Kevin worked at Precor Incorporated, one of the country’s most successful fitness equipment brands. From 2001 to 2005, Kevin oversaw commercial and consumer marketing, public relations, and strategic events as the director of marketing.

Kevin earned a M.B.A. from Indiana University, where he was the recipient of
the Lazzara Memorial Scholarship. He also holds a B.S. in Business
Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ryan Lukehart
Director of Sales and Marketing at BrainKeeper
Ryan Lukehart has spent his entire career working with information delivery systems. His experience has encompassed roles in product management, marketing communications, and sales. Ryan has applied these skills within a number of industries, including higher education, consulting, and business process automation.

BrainKeeper is the second company that Ryan has co-founded, after leaving a successful web consulting business that was started in 2000. During his career, he has developed a passion for solving the communication failures that are pervasive in organizations around the world. Ryan's primary focus is to make technology tools easier to use so that they can truly improve the lives of the people who use them.

Ryan co-founded BrainKeeper with a vision to give everyone the ability to contribute their knowledge to a system that could deliver that knowledge to the right people in an organization. A wiki product was the perfect concept, but a new approach was needed to adapt wiki technology to the corporate world. Ryan has helped to deliver an innovative product that provides significant value to corporations as a complete communication and knowledge management system.

Aaron Fulkerson
Co-founder and V.P. Product Management at Mindtouch
Aaron is a multifaceted entrepreneur and technology advocate. He is a recognized expert on communities, software, and open source. Aaron has been a featured speaker on these topics at conferences and Universities. He has successfully deployed and managed communities virtually and in meatspace for non-profits, teams within Microsoft, open source projects, and research and development teams. He also co-founded and helped community outreach programs­ to provide computing resources to underprivileged persons in North Carolina and Minnesota. Aaron received his BS in Computer Science from University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill.

Raju Vegesna
Zoho Evangelist at Zoho
Raju is the evangelist for Zoho and has been revered by the media as one of the key players in the Office 2.0 revolution. He has worked for Zoho from its inception, and wears multiple hats stemming from manager of customer/community relations to technology visionary. Raju is one of the key people responsible for developing the strategic direction of the Zoho Office Suite. He is an avid blogger (see: blogs.zoho.com), and users of Zoho are encouraged to contact him directly.

Raju's motto is "The customer is at the core of every activity that we do at Zoho. It?s more than a saying, it?s put into action at Zoho."

Prior to joining AdventNet, Raju co-founded an Internet services company serving the educational market. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.

Joshua Wold
Global Pre-Sales Team Manager at Atlassian Software Systems
Joshua Wold is a collaboration technologies specialist heading up the global pre-sales efforts of Atlassian Software Systems, a leading provider of innovative collaborative and development tools.

Combining his Masters in Communication with 10 years of business technology experience Joshua has focused his efforts on combining an understanding of how people relate to one another with technology. A creative evangelist of emerging technologies, he has specialized in technology focused on helping people and organizations communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Joshua began his career managing and growing the business operations of BrainLAB, a leading software based medical device manufacturer. Transitioning into web development and telecommunications sales honed both his technical skills and the ability to apply technologies to practical uses. Currently heading up the global pre-sales team at Atlassian, Joshua is growing adoption of new technologies such as Enterprise wikis.

A firm believer in transparency and applicable technologies, Joshua advocates developing technology that is both easily usable and useful. A non-traditional technology evangelist paired with a non-traditional software company breaking the norms.

Official Website: http://www.svwebbuilder.com

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