500 3rd St
San Francisco, California 94107

Second Wednesday of the month, the crew at the Y! Brickhouse will duke it out for the title of Wii Bowling Champion and other Wii accolades. Come join us as we wii on our huge screens and eat unhealthy grub (we're thinking instant ramen). Feel free to bring your fave Wii games and hacks. Open to the public.

Added by Shanley on July 2, 2007



I purchased my very very own Wiimote-dealy since last we met. Ya'll will shiver from my mad tennis skills! I'm going to bring down the (Brick)house.


Just like AdAm, I also purchased a Wiimote and Nunchuck before I have actually purchased a Wii. I just thought Jeff did such a good job on my Mii that I want to take it with me!

Thanks for hosting again Brickhouse!


Wii and i have only met once, but o how the reunion will be so sweet.


My Wii-me (Goldedigger) and I will be there! Oh and she will kick your A$$!


I'm becoming a tennis pro. watch out for me!

Joshua Kaufman

Hey, I had a lot of fun last time, and this will be my big second time using a Wii. Looking forward to it.


this was "officially" rescheduled to jul 25 but we still have some people over =)


Thanks for being so accomodating kev. It was fun. I look forward to the "real deal".


I have ten hours wii flying time... but I'm still pretty bad....

Should be fun though!


Might Stop By: It's Just A Block Away!


hi brickhouse - i'm planning on making it down too! fyi, i also have a ii and 2 remotes and could bring it with me (it's in a wii backpack of course) tonight.

however i'm not sure if there are enough projector hookups or if there are plenty of wiis there already - someone please IM me if it would help ;) jay (aim = jbainsf, yahoo = jaybain2000)


D'ooooh. Can't make it this time. Hopefully see you all again soon! Great pictures Kevin!