500 3rd St
San Francisco, California 94107

We had a blast last Monday at our First Weekly Wii Monday, so please join us again for Wii Monday, take 2!

"Every Monday, the crew at the Y! Brickhouse will duke it out for the title of Wii Bowling Champion and other Wii accolades. Come join us as we wii on our huge screens and eat unhealthy grub (we're thinking instant ramen). Feel free to bring your fave Wii games and hacks. Open to the public."

Added by cynk on June 21, 2007



still haven't found someone to beat me in tennis ... it was close though.


i'm no tennis pro, but once Guitar Hero comes out for the Wii, you are all boned. :]


actually we were talking about bringing guitar hero in anyways. the ps2 versions.


You may have a pile of FooCamped Brits show up... (well, me and biddulph, anyway)


I'm bringing a mad scientist with me.

Joshua Kaufman

I hope I can make it! If I do come, it definitely wouldn't be until after 7pm. :(


if we want to setup GH, let me know. i can bring my ps2/game/axe(s). (keith in AP)


This sounds funs... drat missed it