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We really do love Mario Kart, and we’re pretty good at it too! But the real question that plagues us is … who is the best? “First place is all that matters”. We’re going to have the entire nclud team back to settle this once and for all, Doris and Mike nclud’ed – we’re even throwing in a special guest to keep things interesting (and the bracket even).

Join us for a ‘Wii Love Mario Kart Championship’ at the nclud studio; consider it the ‘pre-party’ to our Holiday Party later that night. There will of course be beer, wine and lots of food – with an over abundance of Mario Kart’ing.

We only play in four-player mode set to aggressive on 150cc at 10 races per round; it’s not so much about getting to first place as it is making sure everyone else doesn’t.

If you can’t make it to the event, we’ll have live score tracking at http://wiilovemariokart.com -- you can follow the madness from anywhere (of course there’ll be an iPhone version).

Want to make things interesting? Check out the bracket at http://wiilovemariokart.com/bracket -- print out the PDF version and place you’re bets. Gambler’s tip: Mike Google’s shortcuts, DeSandro is the only one to drive in manual mode, Lauren has semi-consistently got first place for the past month (lucky streak), Martin and Alex will go out of their way (even if it means giving up first place) to squash, star or in anyway cause harm to another player, and then there is Doris and Dan – well … yeah.

Come, don’t come – it’s going to happen regardless and it’s going to be magnificent.

Official Website: http://wiilovemariokart.com

Added by mringlein on November 20, 2009



I suppose I won't be "special guest" since I won't arrive until after the championship is over. Or maybe you planned it that way so I wouldn't kick all of your asses.