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Washington, District of Columbia 20009

Mario Kart for Wii is coming out April 27th and the crew here at nclud loves some Mario Kart -- so of course we are going to throw a party. It just so happens this is also the weekend of Cinco De Mayo; lets celebrate the coming of Wii Mario Kart with some Corona's , nachos and whatever other stereotypical drinks & appetizers we can think of.

Come for the Wii and stay for the beer. We'll have two Wii's going on the downstairs and upstairs and will be connected with some other web geeks from around the country (maybe even the world!); because Mario Kart now allows 12 players!

We have a super secret guest (two of them) flying in from Boston just for the event!

Official Website: http://wiilovemariokart.com

Added by mringlein on March 26, 2008



Prepare to be destroyed.


If by destroyed you mean win ... i am ready


Ooh, super secret guests?! Whoever they are, I bet they're going to pwn you all at this Mario Kart thing...


I guess the secret is out ... the guest is Jenna Marino and whatever guest she decides to bring with her.


So tempting...but I think I'm in Chicago. Erg.


you guessed it, i'll be there. havent decided who im bringing yet. so many possibilities.


I may have to join in the fun destroying all of your karts from the internets of Philadelphia


God dammit, my brother is graduating that day. Maybe I can kick all of your asses online from Harrisonburg.


@JohnRiv try and get those boys from IndyHall or Happy Cog Studios to set-up!


@jcarbaugh, you just reminded me of that....i guess i'll be down in harrisonburg for my brother's graduation too. we should find a Wii to play there!


Added this event to the Nintendo Wii group.



Sounds fun, we'll try to make it.


Man oh man, sounds like fun. Me and Toad are there!


All your karts are belong to this guy right here.


For anyone who missed the notice, we are changing locations! nclud, just moved to a new space! The new address is 1808 Florida Ave. NW Washington DC 20009


Hope as the time gets closer you can post whatever info is needed to join over the intertubes.


Will probably be outside if it's sunny here, if not though...


I will not be making it. I decided to go to Shenandoah National Park and do a bit of reading, relaxing, and DC PHP accessibility talk preparing from Saturday morning until Monday morning instead.

Have fun. Next time I will bring wine.


Are there enough Wii Wheels or is it BYOWW?


We've got 2 TVs and eight wii wheels/controllers ... we should be good to go. If enough people show up and want to play, I may be forced to bring my 42" from home.


3:30 PST - I can do that!