60 Rausch Street., #102
San Francisco, California 94103

Come by B|P for some good old-fashioned Wii sports, drinking, and snacks. Or just stop by to say howdy and tell us how it's not another bubble, how it's different this time, and see our new-ish office and Polynesian puppet doll. And bring your wiimote with your mii.

We'll also be playing Halo 3 movies upstairs in acknowledgment of the launch on Tuesday and the fact that one of us will probably be addicted to that game at some point.

And then leave in time for the heroes season premiere, which hopefully will be better than the season finale. Fee free to pass along and bring folks.

Official Website: http://boltpeters.com

Added by boltron on September 17, 2007


ryan christopher

I might be in LA, but you know I'll try to come by.