7th St between Avenues A and B
New York City, New York

An amazing line-up has been confirmed including RuPaul, Boy George, HRH Princess Diandra, Jackie Beat, Miss Guy, Sugga Pie Koko, The Ladies of Lips, Milan, Cashetta, Flotilla Debarge, Lily of the Valley and dozens more squeezed into an action-packed, wig-tossing, nail-waving, support hose-stretching, show-stopping 2 hour set with no intermission!
Last year's show was an absolute PANIC featuring gorgeous weather, a huge turn-out and old school East Village vibe. For years people have griped "Wigstock was better when it was in Tompkins Square Park and it was free." Well quit your whining, fuckers, cuz it's back in Tompkins Square and it is TOTALLY FREE! So I guess if I DON'T SEE YOU THERE I GUESS IT'S YOU THAT IS TIRED, NOT WIGSTOCK, GURL!


Added by Fumio on August 19, 2004