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Widgety Goodness will look at one of the key emerging online trends: the widgetization of content for social networks.

Widgets have emerged as a key issue of online development during 2007 and look set for explosive growth in 2008. Widgets offer huge potential as carriers of marketing, brand and advertising messages into social networks. Successful widgets are viral in nature and are voluntarily taken and embedded in the host website. Widgetization means the breaking up of monolithic content into small packages that find their own destinations. Widgetization puts control into the hands of consumers. Decisions about what content sits where become driven by the intelligence of the end user, not by a remote editor.

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The pre-conference has already begun on Backnetwork. Speakers, participants, pundits and extended widget community are already together, connecting and sparking off each other at Widgety bloggers can contact me for a special invitation to join if they can't make it to the big event itself (infact you might jag a freebie to the conference if you can offer some good reasons why). The network will continue for 12 whole fruitful months after 6 December. Hope to see / hear from everyone who can make it to the network and/or the conference in Brighton (just 30 mins from Gatwick and one of the most fun, digital places in Europe right now). Bestest - [email protected] (WGUK07 Social Network Facilitator). Please tag posts and flickr photos about the conference WGUK07 to be aggregated and shared with the whole network.


Sorry - but the conference is too expensive for the subject matter. The conference could be better scoped for the price. I'd be happy to advise in future - this is what I do.