155 Fell St
San Francisco, California 94102

Whysall Lane began in the late '90s as a solo project for singer and guitarist Richard Baluyut, while he was taking a break from his duties as frontman for NYC indie-rock titans Versus. After moving to San Francisco in 2001, Baluyut hooked up with ex-Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler and SPCA Cat Behaviorist Mikel Delgado (Wussum*Pow, The Little Deaths, The Cinnamon Imperials) and played shows with such luminaries as Sleater- Kinney, Mission Of Burma, Imperial Teen, and Jets To Brazil. "Indie-rock for people who hate indie-rock." --Midheaven.com
"Melodic indie rock that's hard not to hear as an elegy for a relationship long past the point of return." -- Bay Guardian

Sweet Trip specializes in blissed-out guitar-driven electronic pop, and alot of other things in between. The trio blends metallic beats, deep basslines, spacy guitars, chaotic arrangement, and traditional pop melodies. Sweet Trip's music is retro and modern, quiet and desperate, moody yet hopefull, earthy and synthetic; complex yet simple.

Some folks find it difficult to get past the low-key charm and obsess about the cuteness of THE SKYFLAKES. With four out of five members of the band related to someone else in the band, one recalls the endearingly earnest cinematic or televised portrayals of kids playing rock in more innocent times, minus the horrific outfits the Brady kids were forced into when they were turned into pop stars. Yet, a closer listen or look at the Skyflakes' lyrics provide something more than just endearing cuteness. Musically they are quite tight with well-crafted electro-garage-pop melodies, hooks, and harmonies. The Skyflakes are a Filipino-American indie band based in Northern California.
"Now this is what INDIE Rock should sound like! Great jangly guitars, crashing drums, endearing vocals and wonderful melodies. This Bay Area band has got the whole package." --Asian Man Records

Official Website: http://rickshawstop.com/phpEventCalendar/eventdisplay.php?id=813

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