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Why You Taste . . . What You Taste
If it’s only made with grapes, why does my wine taste like apricots, grapefruit, almonds . . . and chalk!?

This course is perfect for wine novices and connoisseurs looking to gain insight into how the distinct aromas, flavors, and textures develop in wine. Learn about soil types, climate, and how the hand of the winemaker plays a crucial role in developing the signature flavors we connect with the world’s classic wines. A brief overview of how the primary senses are involved in evaluating wine, as well as a guided tasting of several domestic and international wines are included to further demystify how they get all those flavors and scents from one little grape!

Date: Monday, Sep. 15th, 7-9:30pm

Fee: $49 (includes the instruction, materials and wine of course!)

Registration: www.savvycellar.com (click the classes link and then the [email protected] link under the specific class name)


Redwood City Parks and Recreation https://www.redwoodcity.org/registrationmain.sdi under the adult culinary division


Sequoia Adult School http://www.adultedreg.com/sequoia/index.cfm?processtype=departmentdeptid=1001
Food and Wine Division

Wine Education Classes @ Savvy Cellar:
Fun, informative, interactive and with lots of tasting!
Taught by Sommeliers, Wine Makers and Certified Wine Educators.
Savvy wine club members enjoy two-for-one pricing.
Must be 21 to attend classes.
Pre-registration required for all classes - bring confirmation to class.
Registration fees are non-refundable.

Official Website: http://www.savvycellar.com

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