Los Angeles, California

Whuffaoke madness hits LA! We'll be spending the day doing stuff like visiting Blankspaces (coworking space) and doing impromptu signings. Then we'll settle in somewhere to strike up the karaoke.

We're still looking for a good place. Perhaps Venice Beach? We'll definitely need a bonfire to dance around.


What's Whuffaoke or Bust?

It's a karaoke-infused roadtrip across America, starting in San Francisco, California, and ending in Montreal, Quebec. The goal is to bring music, whuffie and conversation on how to change the world along with us. We are Tara Hunt, Tony Bacigalupo, Emma Persky, Alex Hillman and Ridley the Pug.

Official Website: http://www.whuffaoke.com

Added by msrogue on May 28, 2009