1187 Franklin Street
San Francisco, California 94109

Whose Bailout? Whose Economy?
Where To Go From Here?
SF Gray Panthers Discussion On the Current Crisis
With Jeff Mackler, of Socialist Action

Tuesday, November 18, 1 PM
Unitarian-Universalist Center, Fireside Room
1187 Franklin St, (betw. O’Farrell & Geary), SF 94109

The current crisis suggests some provocative questions:

* Is “the economy” just the stock market and the financial sector, as it’s been pictured for years?

* Is the problem greedy and short-sighted financiers?

* Is it worth saving an “economy” that can revive itself only by creating another boom that will then go bust?

* What is the significance of merging banking and government?

* Are there fairer or more sustainable ways it can be saved, and what would it take to get them?

* What are the similarities and differences between now and the 1930s, and what role did ordinary people take?

* Where does the need for renewed infrastructure, affordable housing, improved education, and universal healthcare come in?

Come to a discussion of these issues with Jeff Mackler, of Socialist Action. Members will give short presentations on some of these questions.

Official Website: http://graypantherssf.igc.org/calendar.htm

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