6501 W. 79th St
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Whole Wheat Bread, Against All Authority, The Summer Obsession, Rory (All Ages)

Whole Wheat Bread is from Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida. They are the nation's original Dirty South punk band! Like their forefathers Bad Brains, WWB is doing their part to redefine punk for a whole new generation. Their sound is influenced by both punk (i.e. Rancid) and crunk (i.e. Lil Jon). In the past year, WWB has toured the nation several times over with some of punk's best bands including Bouncing Souls, Gym Class Heroes, Suicide Machines, The Aquabats, Reel Big Fish, MXPX, Street Dogs, Stretch Arm Strong, Bedouin Soundclash, Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22, A Wilhelm Scream, Tsunami Bomb, The F-Ups, Big D & the Kids Table, I am the Avalanche and others. They've also done shows with Rancid, New Found Glory, Long Beach Shortbus, Fenix TX, Allister and Against All Authority not to mention the Florida dates of Warped!

AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY (Hopeless /Sub City / No Idea Records)
In our world of racial tension and class distinction, Against All Authority has grown in the past 7 years to become the voice for tens of thousands of non conformist youths, who are armed with ideas for change.

Two years ago, feel-good rockers The Summer Obsession landed a slot on a side stage of the Warped tour. So, they packed up their van and drove nearly 900 miles from their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida all the way to Indianapolis only to find that the stage had been canceled and they wouldn't be playing after all. Disappointed at first, they quickly revived their spirits and drove another 2,070 miles to Los Angeles to try to get a record deal. After a few months of eight-hour practice sessions and many showcases Virgin Records enthusiastically signed the band. Such optimism in the face of defeat is typical for The Summer Obsession, an energized, hard working group that writes upbeat songs for downcast times. The members are way too fun loving to have a motto, but if they had to carve a mission statement in the beach sand it would be "make the most of every situation, enjoy life to the fullest and don't let the bad times ruin the good." The group's debut This Is Where You Belong is packed with endorphin-pumped riffs, sun drenched harmonies and enough emotional resonance to stay with the listener. The Summer Obsession started writing songs in June 2004. In no time, they had a pile of material, which MySpace.com founder Tom Anderson took a liking to and willingly posted, making The Summer Obsession one of the first MySpace bands. "We got a good 5,000 people that discovered us that way," says Fin. "They started talking about us and commenting on us and it built from there." After recording, Freese was unable to remain in The Summer Obsession due to his touring commitments with Sting. The band went through a series of other drummers before finding Chris Wilson, who used to play in Good Charlotte. "After I left Good Charlotte, I had to get out of the music industry for a while because I was so disgusted the way everything operated," Wilson explains. "Then, when I was ready to start playing again, a mutual friend told me about these guys. So they emailed me the songs and I really connected with them. And it was something brand new for me to start over with."

RORY (111 Records)
Every band tries to win you over with how "original" they are and how their sound "cannot be classified by genre labels." HOWEVER, everything about the band Rory is original. From the absurd sense of humor that occupies more of the 5 members' time than should legally be allowed, to the non-sequitur writing and arrangements included in each of their captivatingly fun musical compositions, Rory doesn't just preach their originality, nor do they simply practice it. Rory lives their originality. From the records to the shows to the members involved. Two things are clear. Rory will continue to emerge a standout artist amongst all; and Rory will have their fun - their way, taking the listener along with them.

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