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Everybody pays £10 each for some voting cards and then gets embroiled in a dramatic game to decide what happens to the collected £1000. After 10 years of doing Talkaoke- that's right ten, we have come up with "Who Wants to Be?". Initial tests have shown it to be a very exciting game. It's a specialist People Speak mix of interactive technology and live performance. We don't know what will happen but someone's going to walk away with £1000. Let's hope it's me. Or you could elect to get your money back.

Official Website: http://theps.net/

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Here's the proper invite - and don't forget - it starts at 7pm!
On the 15th of December 2006, from 7pm onwards, we (The People Speak) are inviting you to Limehouse Town Hall to take part in the first ever Who Wants to Be', the world's first nomic game show.

Nomic is a game in which every move is a rule change. In keeping with tradition, we will start by making decisions about what to do using direct democracy. Where the game goes from there is up to you.

Here's the sketch:

Each player puts a tenner into a pot of 1000 GBP. The initial rule set is that we have a host, a direct democracy computer-vision voting system and one hour to decide what to do with the money - or just what to do in general. The money's there just in case what we need to do requires some modest resources, and to up the ante a bit.

The game itself is mutable. If the audience votes to use another decision making process, or to go outside and smash up some cars, that's what we'll go do. Sometimes, that's what democracy is all about: smashing up cars.

There will be lots of good Spanish Cava too, going cheap.

If you're in, email me quickly and commit to coming - we need exactly 100 participants, and we need confirmations as soon as possible!

You might also be interested in reading more about the non-game show version of this game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomic

Hope to see you there, and do invite anyone else you think might be interested.


The People Speak 'Who Wants to Be' Team,
Mikey, Rick, Saul, and Wojciech