150 Covenant Ave.
New York, New York 10031

"Who Killed Bob Marley" is Roger Guenveur Smith's new multimedia meditation on the power of water, scored by Marc Anthony Thompson. Smith journeys to hurricane-swept Jamaica to make a film about a suicidal American poet. His fiction then reveals a strange and dangerous truth.

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Performances: Wed- Sat, 10.25.-10.28.06, 7:30 PM
Post-performance dialogue with the artist: Wed + Fri, 10.25.+10.27.06

Tickets: $35. Call 212.650.7100 or visit www.harlemstage.org

Created and Performed by Roger Guenveur Smith
Score by Marc Anthony Thompson
Videography by Arthur Jafa

Obie Award-winning collaborators Smith and Thompson (A Huey P. Newton Story) team with distinguished cinematographer Jafa (Daughters of the Dust) to chart a dynamic and revelatory tension between truth and fiction.

At Harlem Stage's new performance space:
The Gatehouse
150 Convent Avenue at W 135th St.
(across from Aaron Davis Hall)
New York, NY 10031


this show was a piece of crap and a waste of 35 bucks!i 'am mad at myself at the end of this awful con job that when i met Roger i didn't give him a piece of my mind.people came under the impression that this was going to be a real thought provking play addressing a serious issue concering our beloved icon,yet this was a bait and switch deception,using Bob's name to would draw us gullible fans to in there, was nothing relevant to Bob's life or his mission.this waste of time was this actor self indugent trip down memory lane reminiecing about his father and the time they spent in Jamacia.The title of this farce should have been"to dance with my father again"How in the world could Roger even stoop so low as to use Marley's name like this.The Marley family should sue him for defamation of character and unaurthorized use.this show was a sham and a terrible fraud,we who love Bob was duped,don't watse your time or money.The slick con job is that this fiasco only lasted for a week before word can really get around,while if he can do this in every major city taking the money and running before the audiences catch onto this fraudulent crap.Shame on you Roger!

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