Pier 3 on the Embarcadero
San Francisco, California

Two huge decks filled with the world's great single malts, bourbons, Irish whiskey and more! All booths are staffed by knowledgeable brand ambassadors and/or master distillers. Unlimited tasting and education are the highlight of this festive evening.

A sumputuous dinner buffet, live Celtic music, a Pipe and Drum Concert on the top deck, spirits lifestyle features and new and numerous booths of Celtic arts and wares, vintage barware and Scottish/Irish foods and the incredible atmosphere of the docked San Francisco Belle, add to the magic and excitement of the evening.

Our top deck allows us once again to host the Whisky and Cigar pairings that were such a hit in 2006 and the Belle gives us enough room to stretch out and relax despite the large number of attendees at the show.

Take a break with your favorite dram as the sun sets over the Bay. Spectatcular views, plenty of fresh air and seating and the romance of the sea add endlessly to an already great night.

Official Website: http://www.celticmalts.com/events.asp?page=2

Added by hotcrab on January 16, 2008


Vadim N.

I have two extra VIP tickets to this event. Will let them go for face value $110/each. Message me if interested. Thanks!


This was the worst event I have ever attended. The Whiskeys of the World Expo (WoW Expo) was sold to a husband/wife team this year that absolutely destroyed it. For the last 10 years Riannon Walsh of CelticMalts.com was the curator of this event and had done a relatively decent job. I have attended the last 5 years and always enjoyed the event. I WILL NEVER BE BACK! The new owners of this event, Douglas and Lana Smith, outright lied and cheated the attendees. They said there would be “hundreds” of whiskies to sample. The VERY SMALL “ballroom” that contained the event could hardly fit 40 vendors. Nearly half of which were promoting non-whiskey items such as chocolate, specialty water, tequila, gin, restaurants, or other things that had nothing to do with “WHISKEY” Who goes to “Whiskeys of the World” to try flavored vodka? I didn’t buy a ticket for “Spirits of the World” Not to mention their “sample” pour list contained many high-end names who were most definitely not there. They made sure to add such distilleries to the list to make people think they were going to be there and then added a disclaimer stating: “Partial Pour List as of 3/01/2010. Subject to change and additions.” Apparently with less than a month before the event ALL the high-end distillers backed out at the last minute. They also stated that there would be live music, and in years past there always was. They completely cheaped out and lost the band altogether, not to mention they would have nowhere to put them in the tiny sardine “ballroom” they crammed us all in. Then even more disappointing was the food. Or should I say lack there of. When we purchased tickets for well over $100 (tickets $110-$150) we were told there would be a “Full Gourmet Dinner Buffet” served all night. Gourmet??? Dinner???? There were a few small tables with some cold appetizers to put it politely. Cold boiled ham was the meat. Not a carved or spiral ham, this was cold, processed, boiled cheap lunchmeat. Raw broccoli to dip in hummus, spanikopita, olive tapinade, rolls, and a pasta salad. That’s, no joke. Oh, and for dessert, some cold cut fruit. I’m sorry, but that’s definitely NOT gourmet or even dinner. That spread was even sad for an appetizer bar. They said there would be a cigar booth, there was not. There would be food pairings, there was not. They were supposed to give us a map and list of the vendors upon arrival, none (and why would you need one? You could walk the whole room and taste everything in less than an hour). The day before the event all ticket holders were sent an email stating that VIP ticket holders would be let in at 5:00 pm and general ticket holders at 6:00 pm. They said everyone should arrive 30 minutes prior to get checked-in and go through the vendor list for the evening. The check-in system was such a mess that most VIP ticket holders didn’t get into the event until 10 minutes before general admission. Most general admission ticket holders stood in line for anywhere from 30-60 minutes waiting to get in. Overall this event was just a complete rip-off. I will never attend this event ever again, nor would I would I ever recommend it to anyone. In fact, I would strongly advise you to stay far away. Even if the event were free I wouldn’t go, that’s just how bad it was.