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How can Nature, Cities, and Culture Flourish? A conversation with Terry Tempest Williams, Andrew Light, Stuart Cowan, Alex Steffen, and David Conrad. Hosted by Katherine Baril. Many people see the war on terror and the rollback of environmental protections and wonder, Just where in the world are we going? Is there anyone left with a hopeful vision of the future? Is it possible to create a world where nature, cities, and culture can flourish in the 21st Century? Each of our guests is an expert at implementing a compelling vision with real world benefits, working for the protection and restoration of the natural environment, with the tools and concepts of sustainable cities and culture. Terry Tempest Williams poetically links culture and the environment. Her current focus is democracy. Andrew Light is a gifted applied philosopher who speaks and writes about the promise of restoration as a participatory element of an emerging culture. Stuart Cowan, co-author of the book Sustainable Design, is now involved in financing and building sustainable urban infrastructure in Portland, Oregon. David Conrad is leading a visionary tribal organization that advocates for the environment. Alex Steffen is speaking and writing about models, tools, and ideas for building a bright green future. Katherine Baril, from her base on the Olympic Peninsula, she works regionally and nationally on new models of collaborative resource management, civic dialogue and public policy. Please join the Society for Ecological Restoration Northwest to welcome these thinkers, doers, writers, and speakers on a most important topic of all.

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