680 Serra Street
Stanford, California CA

When 2.0, sponsored by Ester Dyson's Release 1.0, will bring together the investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers and customers wrestling with these issues. Participants will consider how to use time to add richness, specificity and context-awareness to a broad range of next-generation applications. Time can be useful in a variety of applications, from clustering photos for tagging, to establishing appropriate timing for information services: when to show ads, send invoices or warn people of impending disasters.

Registration fee: $1195


Added by nep on October 27, 2005



I'll be speaking at this conference.


Can anyone actually afford to attend this event?


Affordable conferences are so When 1.0. Upgrade to the future.


any news come from it? I like Esther a lot (one of the smartest out there and certainly one of us) but this seems to have just been overtaken by lesblogs this week...


my bad - just looked and it was top ten at technorait