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New location! Annie's Social Club! $3!

If you have ever attended a pub trivia night you know there is one question of two questions asked you can never answer, "Why is it so boring and painful?" {The other question being, "Why does the quizmaster pick the shittiest pop songs for the music category?"}

The solution is simple, we don't care if you have the right answer, only the funniest answer will do!

Questions and actual answers from previous last games.

Q. The monster movie everyone’s been wondering about, Cloverfield opened over the weekend. What was the monster finally revealed as?
A. Two 747s.

Q. The oldest living animal, a 400 year old clam, was discovered off the coast of Iceland. Instead of a pearl what did they find inside the clam?
A. a 500 year old clam.

That's how it works
1. We ask the questions
2. Your team writes your funniest punchline
3. One team member goes on stage to deliver the joke

Official Website: http://www.anniessocialclub.com/calendar.html

Added by rickabruzzo on July 7, 2008