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From the creators of Urban Golf, the $25,000 Pyramid Scheme, the Buzzed Bee, 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade and other notorious wastes of time and talent comes What's Your Answer?! If you have ever attended a pub trivia night you know there is one of two questions asked you can never answer, "Why is it so boring and painful?" {The other question being, "Why does the quizmaster pick the shittiest pop songs for the music category?"} The solution is simple, we don't care if you have the right answer, only the funniest answer will do!

Q. What record did SF Giants slugger Barry Bonds break?
A. {Most shriveled testicles on a 42-year-old male.}

Q. What changes have the Chinese made to the 2008 Olympics?
A. {All winners will receive lead medals.}

That's how it works, we ask the questions and your team writes out the punchline, with one member going on stage to give the delivery. Part comedy writing, part open mic comedy, and all gameshow, and if show isn't funny we can always blame it on the writer's strike. Fabulously cheap, worthless prizes await the funniest team! A contract to write the next Dane Cook movie awaits the least funny team!

$5 dollars, no one turned away for lack of funds, taste, timing or tact.

Added by rickabruzzo on November 11, 2007



me n' geekboy are "judging". should be "funny". because we have "issues".