992 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30306

It seems that lately there has been a larger wave of violence in Atlanta and it's surrounding areas. The vicious murder at the Standard last night underscores the issue. I think that we're all starting to wonder what, if anything we can do. This event would be a good way for all to get together and discuss what we can do to protect ourselves, protect our loved ones and make it safer for all. At the worst it could be a good time to vent. We're meeting at Aurora in Little 5 so please buy some coffee or tea or something so we're not just killing business.

If anyone has any questions they are free to call or email me. Please do not call Aurora. Thanks.

ATACC (Atlantans Together Against Crime and Cutbacks) is joining Sundays efforts.

-Various heads of local neighborhood associations have let me know they intend on joining us.

-There will be a small film project there, setting things up to schedule individual interviews (for later dates) with people who have experienced violent crimes... please take part in this, its a great idea. They are going to create a YOU-TUBE project that focuses on citizens of the Atlanta area's individual experiences with crime... this will be a great outlet for some of us to vent and share our personal stories.

-The AJC is coming to take pictures of this event- and I am in contact with Fox 5 as well... it is all coming together.

please sign up for the mailing list at
for any further information regarding related causes.

Official Website: http://www.atlantanstogether.org

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The incorrect address is listed. The meeting is in Little 5 Points off Moreland Avenue, not the Highland location. Thanks!

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