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Once again, What the Shit is piggybacking on Beer and Blog, to experience the poetry of Twitter. Beers will be sponsored by AboutUs.

Humor needs structure, unlike driving and jails, so there are rules to What the Shit. Check 'em.

Rules of What the Shit

Readers will sign up at Beer and Blog fifteen minutes prior to start time and readers will read in order of signing up. There will be an actual piece of paper and pen for the sign up. A writer will be on hand to help anyone with this technology.

What the Shit will last for 40 minutes. If you don't get a chance, then sign up sooner next time.

Each reader reads a maximum of six tweets in his/her best dramatic tone and/or poetry voice.

All emoticons must be spelled out. LOL can be pronounced.

Hashtags are to be read, hashtag: [text].

The author of the post must be credited.

All posts are fair game.

Repeats of tweets are fine and, in certain cases, encouraged.

Be mindful of the narrative arc of your reading.

If one of your tweets is read, this is a compliment. Remember, there's no crying in Twitter dramatic readings. Chest beating and keening are okay.

You must have an active Twitter presence to take part in What the Shit.

Any and all internet documentation of What the Shit is encouraged, and the hashtag #whattheshit has been reserved.

Official Website: http://portland.beerandblog.com/

Added by Melissa Lion on June 29, 2009