682 Commercial Street
San Francisco, California 94114

Totally Wastered presents very special edition of Commercial to benefit our dear friend, Huck Gee. Huck is a talented Bay Area artist, who has been targeted for deportation by the Department of Homeland Security. We are trying to raise money to pay for his attorney's fees.

Huck, a British citizen, has been in the United States for over 24 years. Upon returning to San Francisco after a trip to Japan and Hong Kong, Huck was singled out for deportation for a felony conviction that happened over thirteen years earlier.

A productive member of our society, Huck Gee has contributed greatly to the urban art scene. Of note, Huck has participated in the urban vinyl movement. His work has been featured at Barney's New York and Kid Robot. Huck has made figures for Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander, and DJ Qbert, with forthcoming pieces from Toy2R, Kid Robot, and Wheaty Wheat.

You can read more about Huck at his website, huckgee.com, and read his story in his own words.

Donations accepted at the door.
21 and over.

Playing in support of their friend Huck:
Nikola Baytala (S.W.A.T)
André Lucero (the insignificant)
Cameron Marlow (unlockedgroove, Scorchio)
Justin Time (mixerfriendly)

Please come out and show your support for Huck!

About the DJs:

Nikola Baytala (S.W.A.T)
One of San Francisco's true musical treasures, DJ/Producer Nikola Baytala has carved his own niche in the urban underground scene. With credentials that include 10 years of DJ experience, a successful weekly at The Top hosted by his collective, S.W.A.T (Special Weapons and Tactics), and a slew of signature tracks produced on labels such as Large, Tummy Touch, Nightshift, Soul Food, and Robsoul, Nikola has cemented his status as an A List artist with the kind of distinctive style that must be seen to be appreciated. Performing alongside artists as far-ranging as Swayzak, Daft Punk, and Jane's Addiction, he obviously covers a lot of ground. Defying any fixed sub-genre of house music, Nikola has an instinctive need to create and play music from the soul while retaining his true grit mentality. His skills go beyond impeccable mixing; what sets Nikola aside is his finesse for seemless programming, fusing the rarest tech grooves with legendary jack tracks, creating long, complex mixes for the dancefloor. When Nikola steps up to the decks, he's known for turning things up, keeping the room relentlessly vibrating with funky soul-inflicted beats, percussive house melodies, techy kicks, and mean basslines. Nikola is an underground legend here in San Francisco and his closing sets at virtually every underground event since the early 90?s earn him his reputation and leave the city buzzing!! His dynamic presence winning him aclaim from the likes of Doc Martin, Derrick Carter and of course his S.W.A.T. partner in crime, Rasoul.

André Lucero has been a staple in California's underground dance culture, sharing billings with the likes of Kevin Saunderson, Keoki, Doc Martin, Stacey Pullen, Moby, Mark Broom, Juan Atkins, System 7 and J. Saul Kane, to name a few. As part of the legendary Urban Development parties, he was instrumental in presenting tech-house as a genre to San Francisco; hosting Markus Nikolai, Pantytec, Dimbiman, Alexi Delano, John Selway, Jesper Dahlback and many more. André always has presence on the decks and plays with a fluid, edgy and compelling style that is truly his own. Rocking parties since '86, he's always stayed one step ahead of the pack. With eyes focused on the horizon, his new venture as part of Toterly Wastered has brought and will continue to bring cutting edge dance music to San Francisco--innovation, never duplication.

Cameron Marlow has been opening shows for over 80 years, in nearly as many countries. A pioneer in the field, he invented the "cross-crank," a technique that made other gramophone jockies drop to their knees. Despite spending a lot of time on boats between gigs, Marlow continued to push the limits of the medium; today, almost 75 years later, he still rocks the opening set for the likes of Fred Giannelli, Stewart Walker, and Oak and Fold. He also forms half of the duo Scorchio, part of the Boston collective, Unlockedgroove. He will be playing music.

Justin Time, long time friend of Huck, is the founder of mixerfriendly. He has been playing old school hip hop, funk, soul, house, since 1990, when it was actually still new school, or even just school.

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