Union Square (on the plaza)
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143

Somerville’s favorite sticky, sweet invention will be celebrated at this 4th annual event produced by Union Square Main Streets (www.unionsquaremain.org). This madcap festival pays homage to the iconic Marshmallow Fluff and all the silliness it inspires, and celebrates the genius of Archibald Query who invented Fluff in Union Square in 1917. Artists, musicians, theatrical performers, inventors, and humorists will fill the square with Fluff-inspired material. This year, What the Fluff? explores the Fluffernutter and the intrinsic dramatic tension between sweet Fluff, salty Peanut Butter, wondrous Bread and jealous Jelly.

Official Website: http://www.unionsquaremain.org

Added by Somerville Arts Council on June 15, 2009