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Hosted by: Foreign Policy Research Institute

On February 25, 2009, FPRI's Wachman Center will present two 45-minute webcasts on What Students Need to Know about War, and Why. Secondary schools/classes may sign up to view the webcast live online and participate in the Q&A periods.

As Elihu Root once put it, we study war “not to promote war, but to preserve peace.” Indeed, it is impossible for students to learn US or world history without frequent reference to war. So in this webcast, we will interview one of the world’s most distinguished historians of war and enable students from the online and live audiences to “interrogate” our guest as well.

In the process, we will explore a wide range of questions: How important is technology in war? How important is morale? What were some of the great errors on the battlefield? Who were the greatest commanders? Why were the 13 American colonies able to defeat the British, the world’s greatest power, in America’s Revolutionary War? Why did the U.S. play such a crucial role in World War II?

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