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"Labour's attempts to crack down on digital piracy, extend broadband across the country and re-write outdated copyright laws were all part of the Digital Economy Bill, which received Royal Assent in the legislative "wash-up" process in the dying days of the last parliament.

But while the Act has been passed, meaning an incoming government will honour its clauses, much is uncertain: Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has said he would seek to repeal the most stringent piracy measures of the Act in the next Parliament. Much of the Act's disputed detail has been left for Ofcom to resolve.

Where the act will go now with a coalition government: will tough piracy and copyright measures survive? What of the promise of 2Mbps broadband for all?

The Labour peer, film producer and former CEO of Columbia Pictures Lord Puttnam, who introduced several amendments to the Bill in the Lords debates will be joined in the discussion by Conservative peer, Lord Lucas, who tabled several of the Bill’s most radical amendments. They are joined by Richard Mollet, Director of Public Affairs at the BPI, (which represents the UK recorded music business); Andrew Heaney, Executive Director, Strategy & Regulation, TalkTalk Group and internet copyright lawyer Graham Smith from Bird & Bird."

Official Website: http://frontlineclub.com/events/2010/06/the-digital-economy-act-changing-the-habits-of-a-generation.html

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