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Westminster Media Forum Keynote Seminar: Mobile TV – Hit or Miss? Competition, technology and regulation for mobile TV

"Is mobile TV the promising convergent platform with huge business potential that was first anticipated?

Issues of pricing, bandwidth and handset availability have led to slow and unpromising with take up of services in the UK. Add to this the recent collapse of Virgin Mobile’s TV service and subsequent disbanding of BT Movio.

This timely seminar reassesses prospects for the mobile TV market - bringing together key industry figures with policy makers in Parliament and Whitehall.

The recent championing of a single standard technology by the EU Commission has raised important issues of competition, and the release of spectrum to enable growth, particularly in the UK, is also a key area for concern. With mobile viewers watching in minutes rather than hours, what can we expect of the quality of broadcast content on mobile handsets and how will the nascent market be regulated?

Themes for discussion will include technical standards and competing service models; spectrum availability; content - including user-generated offerings; and regulation of this emerging area.

We are delighted that Christophe Forax, Member of Viviane Reding’s Cabinet, European Commission, and Peter Bury, Director of Spectrum Policy, Ofcom, will be delivering keynote addresses at this seminar."

Other confirmed speakers already include:

Laurence Alexander, Chief Executive Officer, ROK;
Lucy Goodman, Head of Television Partnerships, 3;
Dr Kamil Grajski, President, FLO Forum;
David MacQueen, Senior Mobile Analyst, Screen Digest;
Damian Mulcock, CEO. Mobix Interactive;
Jeremy Olivier, Head of Multimedia, Ofcom; and
Dr Walter Tuttlebee, Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board Menber and Chief Executive of Mobile VCE.

Places at Mobile TV – Hit or Miss? Competition, technology and regulation for mobile TV (including PDF copy of the briefing document) are £190 plus VAT (£223.25);

Concessionary rate places for small charities, unfunded individuals and those in similar circumstances are £80 plus VAT (£94). Please be sure to apply for this at the time of booking.

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Official Website: http://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/mediaforum/bookmobiletv.html

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