148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England LS2 9EN

The next meeting will be on the 11th of October at Old Broadcasting House in Leeds.

Peter Robinson will be giving a talk on building a MythTV media server. In his presentation, he describes why he decided to build a Mythbuntu based multi-media server and how he went about it.

The original idea was to have a single server for playing and recording TV programmes, plus storing video DVDs and music CDs without the necessity for numerous set-top-boxes, DVD and CD players plus wires everywhere.

Mythbuntu is a version of MythTV based on Ubuntu and although MythTV can be installed on any Linux distribution, mythbuntu is fully integrated with Ubuntu, in general following its release schedule. The presentation covers the design objectives I set for the system, why and how I selected the hardware and software components and the problems (and successes!) I had building it and making it all work.

The final system has achieved most of the original design goals resulting in a system being housed in a 12U, 19 inch rack located in the cupboard under the stairs, well out of sight. The system will record and play back standard and HD TV programmes in 5.1 sound and DVDs in full 7.1 surround sound to two rooms in the house.

The project shows what can be achieved using opensource software, rivalling the functionality of many commercial Home Theatre systems, all at a fraction of the cost – and it was fun!

The talk will begin at 7:00pm, with the doors opening from 6:30pm for coffee and chat.

After the talk, we will move to Mr Foley’s on the Headrow for beer and geeky chatter. No formal booking has been made, but if the back room is available, then it would make sense to congregate in there.

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