5101 Great America Parkwa
San Francisco Bay Area, California 95054

We have always wanted to bring a CHANGE
in the Society we Live in,
in the People around us,
in the Environment,
in World Matters,
in Life & Relationships.
But yet we have wondered where to begin?

The only answer is Change can Only Happen through You.
Are you ready ??

This Summer a global transformation is well underway and the spark behind it will be in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Exclusive Summer Leadership Program in the presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with the very specific focus of Empowering Young Minds to be the change they want to see in the world.

YES! for teens(14 - 17 yrs) |YES! Plus for College Students, Young Professionals (18+ yrs)
JULY 14 - 18, 9:00 am TO 6:00 pm

Some Key Components of YES! Plus Leadership this Summer

Play Hard & Kick Stress - Dynamic processes, Experiential learning, Innovative Games & Real-Life Scenarios ...

Peace out - Learn the powerful Sudarshan Kriya breath work, flex your body & mind through yoga & meditation

Health & Wellness - Explore the power of vegetarianism and in the process become one. Showcasing of 'Earthlings'- the movie.

Nuts & Bolts of Leadership - How to be a effective leader, inspiration vs motivation,

Beat the clock! Effectively Manage your Time - Learn practical and effective time management skills from the leaders

Effective Communication Skills- hands-on tools towards open, direct

Conflict Resolution Skills - Tools to heal deal with any situation in life

Make Friends for Life -Interact with over 200 young professionals and university students wanting to make a difference.

Become Leaders of Change - an in-depth look at the Millennium Development Goals - the problem, the solution and the CHANGE
leading to action,

Interactive Sessions with World Leaders/Social Entrepreneurs/ Business Professionals - what makes them successful, learn proven best-practices for effective leadership, the value of selfless giving.

Official Website: http://us.artofliving.org/gpyesplus2008

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