150 West San Carlos Street
San Jose, California

Welcome and congratulations! If you’re reading this, then you’re almost certainly part of the growing positive force that’s creating a healthy, vibrantly alive and sustainable world. We’re providing West Coast Green because of the growing demands and needs of people like you.

On September 25-27, 2008 at the San Jose Convention Center located in the heart of Silicon Valley, West Coast Green will open its doors!

While new green events emerge every year, West Coast Green represents the largest milestone yet in the green innovation movement. Never before has a conference and expo provided access to such comprehensive state-of-the-art resources, impactful presentations, and rewarding opportunities for business development in the building, business and design industries. You’ll find over 380 exhibitors showcasing the latest in resource-efficiency among a stunning array of green and healthy building products. Over 100 experts and visionary leaders will be presenting their latest developments, insights, and inspiration at the expanding frontiers of the field. And over 13,000 attendees including the entire chain of professionals and decision-makers rarely reached by other conferences are expected. West Coast Green is a feast of innovations, ideas and opportunities designed to expand your business, widen your vision, and stimulate your thinking with the latest, best practices and key players in building, business and design.

We are not only setting records in scale and scope, we’re also incorporating breakthroughs and innovations in conference design, content, and learning design. That means you’re not going to collapse at the end of the day with blisters and a headache. We’re pulling out all the stops to make the experience of attending as gratifying and productive as possible (find out more about these features at What Sets Us Apart). In addition, West Coast Green is proud to be the first tradeshow to offer a special day open to homeowners. On Homeowner Day (September 27), the public gets full access to the tradeshow with special presentations geared to their interests. Consumers, the most powerful force in the market, will find all the information, products, and professionals they need to put their green building and remodeling plans into action.

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is not your average conference! We are setting new standards for both the caliber of our content and the quality of the experience. Simply put, we’ve gone the distance to find and showcase the best green innovations, resources, exhibits, trainings, presentations and educational tracks, while ensuring you have an unparalleled conference experience. It’s simple. We’re here to revolutionize the way people build and live in their homes. And we’re doing it all without wavering from the highest standards for quality and integrity (read more about it in What Sets Us Apart).

As the largest venue for green innovation, building, business and design, West Coast Green will serve as a central gathering point for regional movements including those in Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Boulder, Salt Lake City, and Boise. Thousands of green professionals, businesses, and individuals will be coming together to network, display their resources, and grow strategic alliances.

At the heart of West Coast Green is a commitment to realigning ourselves with and enhancing the brilliant, common sense, vitalizing design principles of the natural world. Whether you’re expanding your green business or your mind, determining regional construction standards, or just want a few remodeling tips, this conference is for you.

Official Website: https://www.westcoastgreen.com/

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