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From Ian Beaty:

Yes, we made it......to the finals... Yes, instead of just picking WEREWOLVES OF CRESTON as the outright winner after we rocked the house in week 1 of the contest, and just giving us the wednesday night gig for the rest of the summer, Ceili's management has called a FACE OFF between us and our singular remaining competitor, "the top drawers" for THIS WEDNESDAY JULY NINTH!

so once again, I am calling on friends and family to come down to the bar and yell like you've never had so much fun. The good news is that the gaggle of fine folks who came last time (may 14th) not only succeeded in helping our sweet sounds advance to the Grand Finale, but everyone had a genuinely grand old time. So thanks to those were there May 11th, and may ye recommend that your associates attend in droves.

As before, tickets are free if you can pick one up from me, and include one free drink.

As before, I will be leaving a stack of tickets at the pizza place right across from the front door of the bar. "AM classic Pizza" it is called.
This round, instead of just giving them to you willy nilly, my man at the pizza shop will be charging 2 bucks for the tickets. (1 buck for him, 1 buck for me). If you can arrange to get however many you need off me before wednesday at nine, you can have as many as you need for zero dollars. We just want to have you in the house whoopin it up for the werewolves

Added by bmann on July 4, 2008

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