To be confirmed
Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Partly because we are nicking a London Geek Dinner idea and partly because the lovely Molly is in town, we're going to have a Werewolf night.

More details about what the Werewolf game is can be found here. There will be a number of beginners so please don't view not knowing the game as a barrier to attending! We'll start with a briefing session and have rules handouts available too.

Please sign up if you're interested -- venue will be confirmed based on the number of people we end up with.

NOTE: We haven't got quite enough people for Werewolf, so we're just going to meet up and hang out. If you want to join us, email me at blog AT meriwilliams DOT com

Added by meriwilliams on January 9, 2007



Ooh, so much fun. I've never played, so I'll be easy to beat. Either that, or you'll all have to contend with my beginner's luck!

Can't wait to see folks there, -m


Dear god. I don't understand that AT all. But hey, Molly in town = fun. And I may find a use for the silver letter opener I got for christmas....