Canada, Ontario

Destiny 60: WEMF2007
The 13th Annual World Electronic Music Festival
July 20-21-22, 2007 � Ontario, Canada

Once again we invite you to join us for the largest and longest running festival of its kind in Canada, The World Electronic Music Festival. The 13th annual "3-Day" will bring you everything you need for an absolutely amazing weekend. With a rich variety of music and art from around the world, WEMF is an experience that is unique and enduring for all those that have made it part of their lives. We encourage you to allow this experience to become part of your life!

In 2007 we are bringing back the classic WEMF format with a focus on the beat of of the drum - the beat of the dance - the beat of LIFE! Camping, dancing, enjoying the company of friends and the music that brings us all together is what you will experience when you join our family...


Four-Four Main Stage [Trance / House / Techno] � Sponsored by Eye Magazine
MSTRKRFT www.mstrkft.com
Donald Glaude (USA - Eden Recordings, djdonaldglaude.com)
Adam Sheridan (UK - Adam Sheridan.com)
Chris Liberator (UK - Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Smitten, DAMNDJS.com)
Mark EG (UK � Blackout Audio, DAMNDJS.com)
Preach (Montreal - Relic Recordings, djpreach.com)
Stimulant DJs (UK - Stimulant Records, DAMNDJS.com)
Atomic Babies *live* (USA - www.drumasheenz.com, www.dpimrecordings.com)
Scott Stubbs (USA - www.djscottstubbs.com, DAMNDJS.com)
Deadmau5 *live* (Toronto)
Hatiras *live* (Toronto)
Jelo (Toronto)
Deko-ze (Toronto)
OS/2 (Toronto)
Eddie Santini (Vancouver)
Skrilla (USA)
Dose the Alien (USA)
The Beat Freakers (USA)
Walter Rosati (Toronto)
Rex Manning (Toronto)
Bratan (Toronto)
Ortemy (Toronto)
Grimace (Toronto)
Prosad (Toronto)
NuEra (Toronto)
Elixir (Toronto)
Dennis Hahn (Toronto)

World of Drum and Bass Main Stage [Jungle / Drum n Bass / Breaks]
Sponsored by: Torontojungle and Rinse Magazine

Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys
Pendulum (Aus � www.planetpendulum.com ,WoDNB)
Mampi Swift (UK � Charge Recordings, WoDNB)
Dillinja (UK � Valve Recordings, WoDNB)
DJ SS (UK � Formation Records, WoDNB)
LTC - Ladies Take Control (Vancouver � Formation Records, WoDNB)
Reid Speed *Jungle & Breaks Set (USA � Breakbeat Science, Direct Drive)
MC GQ (UK � Circle, WoDB)
MC IC3 (UK - WoDB)
Freaky Flow (Toronto)
Capital J (Toronto)
Mystical Influence (Toronto)
Marcus Visionary (Toronto)
Catchin' Wreck (LUSH & NATURAL MC - Toronto)
Spence aka DJ Slim (Vancouver � PurePhunk Recordings)
D-Monic (Toronto)
Big League Chu (Toronto)
Tasc (Toronto)
Ryan Ruckus (Toronto)
Everfresh (Toronto)
Crash (Toronto)
Prime (Toronto)
Rick Toxic (Toronto)
D-Syfa (Toronto)
Premis (Toronto)
Red Lion (Toronto)
Dave Saddler (Toronto)
Red Turtle (Toronto)
Wendy Law (Toronto)
Micky D (Toronto)
originalVIBE (Toronto)
MC Caddy Cad (Toronto)
MC JD (Toronto)
MC Bandit (Toronto)
MC Trajady (Toronto)
MC LAL (Toronto)
MC Frequency (Toronto)

Hardsound Stage presented by Goodfellas!

Brisk (UK- Next Generation, Blatant Beats, DAMNDJS.com)
UFO (UK- Ufology Records, Raverbaby)
Delta 9 (USA- Industrial Strength Records, Psychotik Records, ADAM Management)
The Nice Guys (USA- K12 Studios, SunrizeSound.net)
AC Slater vs Brak (USA- Kaotik UK, Electronic UK, Kniteforce UK, PitchedUp.net)
Jen Mas (USA- Vitus, Females Wit Funk)
Phosphor vs. Tyrant
[Canada- BlizzardTracks.com, NAHM (di.fm), Hard Science]
Milo (USA- Happyhardcore.com, NAHM (di.fm), SunrizeSound.net, Lucky Breaks UK)
Leela (USA- Evilolive.tk, K00terc0r3)
E.N.D (Toronto)
Psyklone (Toronto)
Scoots (Toronto)
Tyco (Toronto)
Virus (Toronto)
Lady Bass vs Opel (Toronto)
Flim (Toronto)
Mannik (Toronto)
Gobz The Zombie (Toronto)
Nocturnal Commisons (USA/Canada -DJ Dynamic vs George (WSR) vs Dave Of The Rave)
MCs: E.N.D, Flybry, Gobz The Zombie, Rukkus (USA), Dynamic (USA)

Saturday Afternoon BBQ/Danceparty!
Xofer vs Rukkus
Steve Surreal
MCs: E.N.D, Flybry, Gobz The Zombie, Rukkus (USA), Dynamic (USA)

Energy 105.1 New Talent Stage
We are happy to welcome back the New Talent Stage to WEMF2007! If you are interested in getting some time to showcase your talent at the largest event of its kind in North America then put together a kick-ass demo tape, CD or DVD and send it along with WEMF2007 advance ticket proof of purchase (ie. photocopy clearly showing ticket number or Ticketmaster confirmation code in your name) to: WEMF2007 New Talent Stage, 45 Harbour Square, Box 81035, Toronto, Ont. M5J 2V3. All those selected to perform on the New Talent Stage will have their advance ticket purchase REFUNDED at the gate upon entry.

We are looking for all types of electronic dance music or leading edge rock, so whether you play drum & speedcore with a techno bassline, ambient electro or anything in between, we wanna hear it!

Selected artists will have their names posted on the official WEMF website (wemf.com), and listed in the official event program handed out to everyone who comes through the gates WEMF2007 weekend.

Event Attractions - The 3 Day Experience!
* - Over 200 different performers from around the world
* - Four massive all ages dance arenas for rain or shine enjoyment all weekend long
* - Three days and two nights of music & entertainment
* - Visual art displays and performances throughout the weekend
* - On-site parking for thousands available right at your campsite
* - BYOB at your campsite for those of legal age (19+)
* - Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus served by a wide range of food vendors including vegetarian meals
Caf� with coffee and tea available 24hrs. a day
* - Fresh fruit and veggie stand
* - 24hr security patrols and WEMF Rangers for your safety
* - On-site medical staff and first aid centers
* - In-out privileges for people and cars through our wristband policy
* - Shuttle bus service from Toronto that can be pre-booked by date and time
* - Vendors from across North America
* - RV access and electrical hook-ups
* - On-site running water, flush toilets, and showers
* - Free give-aways and prizing all weekend long
* - Water & Juice bars throughout the site

As is the WEMF tradition, we like to keep things new and exciting by updating our venue each year. If this is your first WEMF, expect to find a scenic location with ample space for parking, camping and the biggest party of its kind in Canada! For WEMF veterans, rest assured that we have taken the time to once again select a spot that fits the needs of this amazing event. With flat grassy fields for camping and parking along with massive hanger like structures to house the main dance stages, this year's spot is the ideal location for WEMF2007.

**Please check www.wemf.com soon to find out the location of WEMF2007**

All patrons will be required to sign a camping waiver and show valid ID upon arrival at the gate. To speed the entry procedure, you may print and fill out the waiver in advance by downloading it from our website at wemf.com

TICKET PRICES: (includes all applicable taxes)

3 DAY PACKAGES (Includes Camping) � Gates Open @ 12 Noon Friday, July 20/07
Super Early Birds: $60.00 � Before May 15 (First 500 tickets) Sold Out!
Early Bird: $75.00 � On or Before July 2/07 (While Supplies Last)
Advance: $90.00 � On or Before July 20/07 (While Supplies Last)
At The Gate: $120.00

2 DAY PACKAGES (Includes Camping) � Valid from 12 Noon on Saturday, July 21/07
Early Bird: $50.00 � On or Before July 21/07 (While Supplies Last)
Advance: $65.00 � On or Before July 21/07 (While Supplies Last)
At The Gate: $75.00

VIP Package: $175.00 � While supplies last and limited to 500 packages. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 3-Day Entry Ticket & Express Entry Line, Copy of the Official WEMF2006 DVD, VIP Laminate & Neck Lanyard, VIP Back Stage Access (19+ licensed)

ULTIMATE VIP Package: $600.00 � While supplies last and limited to 50 packages. PACKAGE INCLUDES TWO (2) standard VIP packages plus two nights accommodation directly across the street from the venue at the town's ONLY full service hotel. This package MUST be booked directly through our office at [email protected][/email].

GROUP PACKAGES: See WEMF.COM for bus and group pricing packages. Want to arrange for an out of town bus from your area? Contact [email][email protected]

SUNDAY ARRIVAL TICKETS available at the gate only - check WEMF.COM for pricing.


All Ticketmaster locations in Canada & USA or by calling 416.870.8000

Canada - www.ticketmaster.ca
USA - www.ticketmaster.com

Canada: www.ticketbreak.com , www.clubzone.com
USA: www.groovetickets.com

Numb - 250 Queen St W - 416.599.5424
Play De Record - 657a Yonge St - 416.586.0380
Delphic - 706 Queen St W - 416.603.3334
Zoam - Fairview Mall - 416.491.0151

Unicus - Square One - 905.897.6900

Central Snooker � 7850 Woodbine Ave - 905.470.2800

Highway - Bramalea City Centre - 905.799.1027

The Altered Native - 168 Hurontario St Unit A � 705-445-0228

The Altered Native � 134 Guelph St Unit 1 � 905-877-7884

Dr. Disc - 20 Wilson St - 905.523.1010

The Altered Native � 172 Broadway Ave, Unit 1 - 519-9422828

Shakedown - 109 King St. W - 519.570.0440

From Mars - 347 Talbot Street - 519.438.6277

Drop The Needle - 69 Dunlop St West - 705.737.4624

Hustler - 111 Kerr St - 905.844.1688

Norml Clothing - 41 1⁄2 William St - 613.562.2043

Mixed Styles - 213 St.Paul St - 905.984.4442

Off Balance - 13 Beach Drive - 705.429.3503

Mixed Styles � 572 Niagara St. 905-734-9303

Powerhouse Pro DJ - 3648 Harlem Road - 716.831.5544

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The venue has been announced: Google maps -> http://tinyurl.com/3acxgy