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Weldging is used in every industry. But if we take and example of only "Automotive Sector", the Government of India's latest policy on fostering India as a destination for the manufacturers of autmobiles and automotive parts and components has slipped in high gear with the recent unvieling of a 10 years plan. The plan aims to transform India's US.$.34.00 Billion automotivve industyr in a US$.145.00 Billion industry by 2016. It is appreciable that on the basis only the one segment of industry the scope of future of welding industry in India is going to have a very bright future for atleast next 20 years.

Inview of the above SUNSTAR EXPOSTIONS, DELHI has taken the initiative of organise and hold WELDTECH INTERNATIONAL 2007 an international show, participated by various companies from Russia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Europe and USA.

This show will be open to public and entry would be free-of-charge. The visitor profile would include a large list of visitors details in the show URL. To attract and invite vistors SUNSTAR is going to use all the best possible methods and systems of advertisement and publicity.

Apart form the exhibition SUNSTAR is going hold two conference for the benefit of WELDING INDUSTRY.

SUNSTAR is going to take services of the best professional and agencies and personnel in order to creat a World class show giving best services and true professional ambiance, thereby creating a a direct answer to the similar shows held abroad.

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