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The California Bach Society brings the holidays alive with the radiance and grace of Johann Rosenmller's Weihnachtshistorie (History of the Nativity) -- a glorious program of choral music for the Nativity from 17th century Leipzig. The 30-voice chorus performs music for double choirs in the Venetian style, often alternating with choirs of brass and strings.

In addition to strings and continuo, the society is joined by The Whole Noyse, an early music wind ensemble, featuring cornetti, sackbuts and curtal. Cornetti are the precursors of the modern trumpet, the sackbut developed into the trombone, and the curtal is a wooden double reed instrument, the ancestor of the modern bassoon.

Johann Rosenmller was a shining star of mid-17th century Leipzig. After graduating from the University of Leipzig, he studied in Italy bringing back the Italian musical tradition to northern Germany, which had been isolated by religious wars in the early 1600's. He was appointed organist at the Nikolaikirche in 1651 and was expected to succeed Tobias Matthias at the Thomaskirche upon the elder musician's retirement. A personal scandal in 1655 resulted in his flight to Italy, where he spent much of his musical life in Venice at St. Mark's and at the Ospedale della Piet¢ orphanage. In his last years, he was able to return to Germany, where he served at the court in Wolfenbttel. Although his music is not well known to contemporary audiences, Rosenmller was a sophisticated and masterful composer. He was experienced in vocal and instrumental composition and integrated both in his work. His works can be highly descriptive in a unique and flamboyant way that still maintains the integrity of the music.

Official Website: http://www.calbach.org

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