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Idea Contest 2.0 is teaming up with a couple of friends to bring you Weekend Apps:

A full weekend event to get developers and entrepreneurs together to build and release Facebook applications in one weekend. We want to help you build hugely successful Facebook applications that grow virally and reach millions of users. Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs to reach their potential, launch their startups, and achieve massive success. We will do that by:

- Bringing in entrepreneurs and developers who have built hugely successful applications to share their secrets.
- We will have a team of awesome designers, marketers, usability experts, and lawyers available to you to help you and answer your questions.
- We're partnering with the great folks at The Enterprise Network to lend their guidance and support to you for free during the weekend.
- We're planning an ad-exchange network to get applications to promote each other and overcome the initial challenge of reaching the first 10,000 users.
- We'll have all teams share their experiences so we can learn from each others successes and mistakes.

Think of it as a weekend incubator on steroids. We'll bring the energy and drive of talented people together to create an unstoppable force. But this is only the start. We except that the partnerships and friendships that form during this weekend will result in a lot of future ventures and successes that we'll continue to hear about for a long time to come.

Check our web site for more details: http://weekendapps.com/ . And specifically, read these two posts:

Who should attend:

Ticket Price:

You can buy tickets here:

Official Website: http://www.weekendapps.com

Added by Anametheus on February 12, 2008