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Webzine 2005
WEBZINE is a real world, face-to-face celebration of independent publishing on the Internet. It's part panel discussions and speakers, part workshops and much freeform collaboration, schmoozing and after-party boozing. The panel discussions aim to inspire, the workshops are hands-on forums of learning and the Master's Lounge is the unstructured place to share knowledge, ideas and URLs. DIY to its core, Webzine is rooted in zine culture and the love of making our own media.

INSPIRE: Panel Discussions & Speakers
Two days of panel discussions and presentations from speakers covering a micro gamut of the independent publishing landscape. Hear from people who are turning mainstream media on it's head through self-reporting, culture jamming, citizen journalism, experimenting with new forms of audio and video broadcasting and of course, sticking it to the Man.

LEARN: Workshops
Inspiration becomes creation when you make the tools and tricks work for you. Learn from leaders and creators of open source publishing tools, podcasts and video blogs. Step it up a notch by learning how to tailor your message, perfect your content with proper internet architecture and this new thing called microformats.

SHARE: Master's Lounge
We would be lying to you horribly if we tried to tell you that we've covered everything and everyone there is to know in the world of independent online publishing. The Lounge is a place where you can share your ideas, project, URL or whatever you happen to be working on with fellow allies and future friends. This area will be an open, self-selecting and self-scheduled space equipped with a digital projector and a round table. Gather 'round and exchange knowledge and contact info.

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Hey guys, there's already an event for this -> http://upcoming.org/event/20534/