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Regular webtuesday meet up. Topic this time:

"The way to good code. (Refactoring from handcraft to machines)" Talk by Leo ( and Mirko (

Whats about the fairy of bad code? How we can write good code? And how we can write tools that improve code? (And might this tools make us unemployed?) This talk will start with the very basics of refactoring and code quality and at the end we will move on to the more esoteric stuff like generating of automated refactorings.

Leo worked on the eclipse cdt ( refactoring during his studies at the hsr (

Mirko worked on the refactoring of the eclipse rdt / eclipse during the studies at the hsr and he's now working for the institute for software ( and works on both the cdt and the rdt.

Official Website:

Added by harryf on August 3, 2007