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Presentation matters. More than you think. Or maybe not more than you think. Maybe you too have sat through interminable presentations, filled with bullet points and stammers and an inability to grasp that the audience was lost by slide 5. Presentation matters because people deserve not to have their time wasted. And it matters because you don't want to be the one wasting it.

You can have the greatest idea in the world. You can know most everything about a subject. You can even know just what small change will make a website better, a product more useful or a situation more agreeable.

But at some stage you're going to have to present this. You're going to have to pitch yourself and your idea to an audience. In short, you'll need to sell to somebody. And if you can't do that well, your chances of success drop accordingly.

This workshop is for anyone who needs to present to clients, potential clients, colleagues, staff - in fact, an audience of pretty much any sort.

The way you present can be the difference maker in winning a job, in convincing your staff or your managers, or in getting that first round of investment in your start-up.

Garr Reynolds's workshop won't show you how to "win friends and influence people." It won't give you the "10 sure-fire tips on using Powerpoint". It's something much more valuable than that.

You'll learn that you don't have to bore them. You'll learn a series of approaches and philosophies and ways of thinking about presenting that will help you get your message across whilst making it rewarding and entertaining for those listening. And you'll learn how to go about contstructing your presentation for maximum effect.

Garr is a world leader in the art of presentation. He's worked at Apple and presented at Google and Microsoft. His Presentation Zen book has been universally praised. This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn from the best.

The cost of the workshops is $750 (GST inc) per person and this price includes a copy of Garr's book, Presentation Zen and an uber stylish t shirt.

Official Website: http://webstock.org.nz/upcoming/booking.php

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