1800 NW 16th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209

Website Fundamentals Overview

Tuesday, January 27th
6-9 pm at Sydney's Cafe
1800 NW Thurman

This 3 hour website overview is for people who want a website but don't know where to start. Get useful advice and tips before you begin the process. No computer is needed for this course.

We will discuss the following:

- How (and where) to register a domain name
- Hosting terms explained
- Web development tools
- What to look for in a web designer
- Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, and social networking
- CMS options: Blogger, Wordpress, Expression Engine
- Statistics and website tracking
- Search Engine Optimization
- Maintaining a website
- To blog or not to blog
- Question & Answer

Official Website: http://www.DIYstories.com

Added by DIY David on January 13, 2009