Level 4, 52 King Street, Sydney
Sydney, New South Wales

If you've done something cool on the web lately, show the rest of us. We're looking for 16 presenters to show us their sharpest recent web work, but they only get three minutes. Previous presenters are welcome - if they have something new to show! Voting is back - winner gets bragging rights and a yet-to-be-determined prize

If you don't have a demo, come along to cheer, heckle or just party. There'll be booze, food and lots of your peers to hang with. Last time, there were dozens of people still partying hours after the voting finished

It will start at 6.30pm on March 1st, and it'll be in the same place as last time: Jam Bar at Hotel CBD on King Street

Official Website: http://webjam.com.au

Added by lachlanhardy on February 11, 2007