Portland, Oregon

How do you condense all the essentials of our business down onto just a few PowerPoint slides, and still communicate the depth the board needs? The answer lies in knowing what the Board needs to know versus what new management teams think the Board wants to know.

For example, many companies think that in presenting financial results they should focus on recent history, only. But Boards care about history only to the extent it foreshadows the future. So – this dashboard provides the template to do both.

Many companies think that showing sales results is important, but again the future is more important than the past. This template helps lay out the sales funnel in a systematic yet simple way.

Gerry Langeler will share the dashboard template OVP Venture Partners gives all its startups, and will explain why each element has stood the test of time.

Official Website: http://www.oen.org

Added by Sarena Regazzoni on August 25, 2008

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