Thames Valley Park
Reading, Berkshire, England RG6

This is the Web version of the DeveloperDay events - hosted and supported by Microsoft, but with content and agenda set by the Developer community. Registration is required and if DeveloperDay is anything to go by, it will fill up.

"Standards. Design. Future. Three topics that are on everyone's wish list, but that often get left by the wayside as time rolls by. If
you're interested in all three, then WebDD is for you.

WebDD is a new conference covering both design and development, with a focus on design standards, best practices, and emerging and future technologies. There will be a variety of talks covering topics such as Accessibility, CSS, Standards, ASP.NET, and Ruby, with the aim of bringing developers and designers together to share ideas."
- However I would expect the majority of talks to be on technologies that Microsoft owns or uses.

Listed speakers are: Scott Guthrie, Hristo Deshev, Zhivko Dimitrov, Barry Dorrans, Glen Jones, Patrick Lauke, Bruce Lawson, Dave Verwer

From the site:
On Saturday the 3rd of February 2007 we are holding a free conference in Reading specifically targeting web developers and web designers in the United Kingdom.

The mantra behind the conference is that currently there is no focus on standards, best practice and general patterns based approaches to web development and design being pushed particularly strongly in the UK. Additionally it's rare that the people on the ground are looking ahead at what is coming up and where the web will be in the coming years. We want to change that and give the British web development and design communities a real fighting chance going forward and we feel a regular conference which is free to attend is a good way of getting the messages out to the wider community.

We're expecting an attendance of around 350 people with a 50/50 split of web developers and web designers. Topics being spoken on range from CSS, AJAX and User Experience through to Ruby On Rails and other server side technologies.

Official Website:

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