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The Berlin Zope User Group meets in the newthinking store every third Thursday of the month. This week's lecture is on WebDAV-Clients for Zope and Plone.

WebDAV is an extension to the HTTP protocol, defined in RFC 2518. WebDAV enables collaborative work on web content: while a file is edited, it is locked for others, they can't write to the file. Editing itself is not limited to web browsers, you can use your favourite editor. Moreover WebDAV is working well with large amounts of data.

We investigate a range of WebDAV clients and their respective abilities:
Novell NetDrive, Enfold Desktop Client for Windows, Mac OS X, davfs, Konqueror and Nautilus for Linux.

Official Website: http://store.newthinking.de/Veranstaltungen/webdav-clients-fuer-zope-und-plone/

Added by newthinking on April 16, 2007

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