Unknown, Massachusetts

WebCamp Boston is the unconference for web development and design. It's a one-day, food-provided, session and demo-based social event with plenty of mingling. We'll be organizing this fully soon. If you'd like, you can give a session - or listen in. The topics will be PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Python, CSS, Javascript and anything else you want. This conference is hosted by Carbonic Media.

The conference is free, but we would absolutely accept donations. Donations over $100 - sponsorships - will earn a logo spot on the website, and also a logo posted at the conference.

Coming up in June, this is a great segway to BarCamp Boston 3.

For more information, you may visit our website at http://webcampboston.com/.

Official Website: http://webcampboston.com/

Added by StevenBao on March 19, 2007


Jay Neely

I went to BarCampBoston2, which was great, and I've been checking back to see when the next one will be. WebCamp Boston sounds just as interesting. Work permitting, I'll be there.

MIT was an excellent venue for BCB2, I hope you'll find something similar(lots of WiFi and power outlets, in other words).