Str. Sebastian Bach nr. 2
Bucureşti, Bucuresti

Directly involved in the virtual evolution, widgets amateurs, bloggers, talkative friends present in the communities all over the world, web designers, web producers and web developers for whom any novelty in the field means new topics for debate - they all have in common one thing: WEB 3.0

For all these passionate people loving friendly contents and interactive applications, the Web has become a second nature.

We shall tackle upon how “virtual communities” influence us, we shall give examples of “YES” or “NO”, we shall give you tips and give you opinions regarding the development stages of the Romanian and global web during an event exclusively dedicated to the web.

Via this event, we intend to gain a deeper insight of the specifics of the Romanian web market, compared to the global market, considering its development potential.

We want to explain concepts and identify trends, everything in an unconventional manner, a relaxed and realistic manner, at the same time.

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Added by Emil on July 7, 2008