1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

Topics: F1 Web Site Challenge, SXSW, MilwaukeeDevHouse1, and two presentations!
Team Web414 will give us a recap of their adventures at the F1 Website Challenge (and yes, we plan to do one of these in Milwaukee) and then Ashe, Mike, and David will fill us in on their SXSW experience, and we'll also talk about what happened at MilwaukeeDevHouse1 (and maybe MilwaukeeDevHouse2.)

We also have presentations on topics not-yet-revealed from Tracy and Chris.

Oh, and David is working on a Web414 video, so come prepared to be on camera (if you so desire) for the making of a cinematic masterpiece.

People seemed to like Bucketworks (maybe too much, as a number of us stuck around an extra 45 minutes) so we'll meet there again.

Official Website: http://web414.com/node/179

Added by raster on February 27, 2008